Cook Island Coffee Company

Can there possibly be such a thing as laid back coffee?

Probably not, but if there is ever to be one….this is it.

Neil, our master roaster works strictly on island time.
Some days the coffee doesn’t get made.

On other days, when the sun is heading for the horizon and
the sound of blue Pacific Ocean crashing on the reef is
settling down to a soft roar, he disappears into our roast house.

He’ll be in there for hours, pondering the world and you know
he’s roasting up another loving brew, imbued with the beautiful
spirit of the magical tropical paradise known to a special few
as the Cook Islands.


7 Responses to “Cook Island Coffee Company”

  1. caroline campbell/alastair leggat Says:

    Hi Neil and Janet.We are friends of Wayne and Jaks from great Barrier and we are heading your way tomoro for our wedding which will take place on Tuesday 17 April. Hope to meet you both during our stay at Sea Change Villas for 8 days. Caroline and Alastair

  2. Vickie Smith Says:

    Hi Neil – we where in Rarotonga in October and we had many coffee’s at your place. We loved the coffee so much we brought some back to New Zealand with us. I was just wondering if you export your coffee to New Zealand. as we have run out, and need more coffee..

    Kindest regards
    Vickie Smith

  3. Garth Voigt Says:


    I love Cook Islands coffee. I’ve been to the Cook Islands a few times. About 10 years ago I ordered some Cook Island coffee and had it shipped to me in the states ( you might be who I ordered it from). Is it possible to order some and have it shipped to the USA?


    Garth Voigt

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