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Price $NZ

Price $US

Coffee Beans – 200 gm

$ 15.00

$ 7.00

Coffee Beans – 1 kg

$ 40.00

$ 20.00

200 gm coffee beans
in woven bag

$ 20.00

$ 10.00

Indicative Postal Rates


NZ, Australia & Pacific

USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa
& South America


Price $NZ

Price $US

Price $NZ

Price $US

Coffee 200 gm

$ 8.00

$ 4.00


$ 9.00

Coffee 1 kg

$ 30.00

$ 15.00

$ 56.00

$ 30.00

7 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. Davyd Farrell Says:

    I was in the Cooks at the start on my honeymoon with my wife and we were lucky enough to come across your coffee. We loved it so much we brought several bags back with us to our home in Dubai. They have been sparingly eeked out until now when the last of it has been finished.
    I would like to know how I can order several bags of your plunger grind variety. I looked on your purchase section but could not see it there.
    Please let me know so that I may make an order.
    Keep up the good work – as yor coffee is truly the best I have tasted anywhere in the world,
    All the best, Davyd

  2. Nicholas Says:

    Hi Neil

    I have recently been able to try some of your coffee and am intrested about were you sourse your green beans, if they are localy grown?

    Cheers Nicholas

    • cocotelegraph Says:

      Hi Nicholas

      Glad you like our coffee, it is a blend of 4 origins, Basil, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Ethiopia.

      Coffee grows here but we do not have the altitude to produce high quality beans.

      I pre blend to get a smoother taste between origins.


  3. Michael Guy Says:

    Hi Neil
    Are you still roasting in Rarotonga. If so I’d like to give you a call and talk about what you’re doing these days. It will go well with a piece on Rarotonga and also on the Rarotongan.
    Michael Guy, Cafe magazine, New Zealand

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